JSR 385 - Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

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This module contains the technology compatibility kit of JSR 385.

To setup the TCK with your implementation you must follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new Maven project. You could also use compatible alternatives like Gradle.
  2. Add this TCK and your implementation as dependency.
  3. Implement a class of type tech.units.tck.util.ServiceConfiguration, read the Javadoc, what you must provide with this class.


To run the TCK, simply execute

mvn clean test
  1. Go to target - where you can find your TCK test results.

For help on using the TCK you may execute

mvn exec:java

This will only print instructions, to run the TCK you need to execute it through TestNG.

To get version information you may execute

mvn exec:java -Pversion
The JSR is lead by Jean-Marie Dautelle (@dautelle), Werner Keil (@keilw) and Otavio Santana (@otaviojava).
You can access the TCK by adding the following Maven dependencies:

For JSR 363 use <groupId>tec.units</groupId> <version>1.0.x</version>.

Further versions can be found here.

Release artifacts should be accessible from the following repositories:

  • Maven Central

Issues or Appeals

To file issues or TCK appeals, please open a ticket under unit-tck/issues.
Choose the label "appeals process" to establish a first-level TCK Appeals Process.