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Welcome to Indriya, the Units of Measurement RI. It is based on uom-se with some tweaks and improvements like a MixedQuantity etc.
Have a fresh taste of Indriya "coffee" and give it a try.

The JSR 385 reference implementation (RI) provides both an implementation of the interfaces defined in the API section of this specification, and some helpful elements which are not part of the API.
The RI provides different Unit implementations depending on their role, for example a distinct BaseUnit class.

The reference implementation contains a range of abstract base classes for every vital element defined by the JSR 385 API.
While some JSRs offer many abstract base classes in their public API, most classes here are specialized to their target environment so having them as part of the implementation makes it easier to scale and optimize for other environments in a different implementation.

You can access the RI by adding the following Maven dependencies:


For different build systems, check out the latest Indriya version on MavenCentral.