Eclipse UOMo 0.7

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Following Apache SIS 0.8 Eclipse UOMo 0.7 offers another compatible JSR 363 implementation. A Release Candidate is available here. You can find a matching TCK harness under

Until EMO concludes the Release review, please build UOMo 0.7 from source or install it into a local Maven repository before running the tests. After that we'll make UOMo 0.7 available in public repositories like JCenter or MavenCentral.

Apache SIS 0.8

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The Apache SIS PMC is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the SIS 0.8 release.

The release can be obtained from the Apache SIS download page -

Release notes are available at -

Apache SIS is a Java language library for developing geospatial
applications. SIS provides data structures for geographic features and
associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data
structures. The library is an implementation of GeoAPI 3.0 interfaces
and can be used for desktop or server applications.

Some Apache SIS features are:

  • Geographic metadata (ISO 19115)
    o Read/write ISO 19139 compliant XML documents
    o Read from netCDF, GeoTIFF, Landsat, GPX and Moving Feature CSV
  • Referencing by coordinates (ISO 19111) or by identifiers (ISO 19112)
    o Well Known Text (WKT) version 1 and 2 (ISO 19162)
    o Geographic Markup Language (GML) version 3.2 (ISO 19136)
    o Geodetic objects and operations from EPSG geodetic dataset
    o Mercator, Lambert, stereographic and more map projections
    o Geohashes and Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
    o Optional bridge to Proj.4 as a complement to Apache SIS own
    referencing engine
  • Units of measurement
    o JSR-363 with parsing, formating and unit conversion functionalities

For general information on Apache SIS, please visit the project website:

A Taste of Indriya

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We recently did a survey about a matching future code name for a Units of Measurement RI. Anticipating a follow-up JSR along a proposed redefinition of SI base units. The winner was Indriya, the Sanskrit word for sense.

While officially in "Stealth Mode" until a new JSR starts, please have a look at Indriya. It is based on uom-se with a few tweaks and improvements like the first draft of a CompoundUnit etc. Therefore fully compatible with the API and other existing implementations. It is a bit early, but for those who like their "coffee" fresh and hot, please feel free to already taste it.

DevoXX US 2017

On the first ever DevoXX US in San Jose, California, Leo and Otavio presented JSR 363.

After DevoXX UK and Belgium in 2015 and a related session Werner gave while DevoXX Morocco was still called JMaghreb, this marked 4 out of currently 6 DevoXX venues with a session on JSR 363.
Although at Geecon and not DevoXX Poland, Werner also presented Standards for Java Embedded in Krakow, so that way it's actually 5 out of 6 with only Paris missing ;-)

JSR363 - Devoxx US by Leonardo De Moura Rocha Lima

100-Thousandth Download of JSR 275 exceeded

About two months after JSR 363 had gone Final its predecessor JSR 275 exceeded the 100-thousandth download within a period of less than 12 months:
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See Bintray statistics:
Click "1 Year" date range.

We hope, over time some of those users will migrate to JSR 363 where can get support for an official standard. A very large number of those 100k plus downloads seems related to GeoAPI and various products or projects implementing and extending it. An upcoming version of GeoAPI should migrate to JSR 363, so where those downstream projects started using new versions, we shall sooner or later see those numbers shift towards JSR 363.

JavaOne 2016

After meeting for a JCP EC F2F / EG F2F for the last time (because the EG officially no longer exists after JSR 363 went final), Leonardo, Otavio and Werner presented JSR 363 during a JavaOne BOF (BOF5981) on Sep 19th, right before the annual JCP Party.

The First IoT JSR: Units of Measurement JSR-363 [BOF5981] by Leonardo De Moura Rocha Lima

Like Adam Bien the year before Werner won a JCP Award but could not receive it right away at the JCP Party because of the BOF.
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Following the JCP Award Otavio won as Outstanding Adopt-a-JSR Participant 2014 and the Most Significant JSR Award 2015 this was the 3rd JCP Award in a row either the JSR 363 Expert Group or one of its members had won :-)

Leo gave another presentation on IoT standards at JavaOne 2016

Using Java and Standards for Fast IoT Development [CON5513] by Leonardo De Moura Rocha Lima

Final Release

Last week the Final Approval Ballot for JSR 363 at the Java Community Process finished. JSR 363 was approved by the JCP Executive Committee:
Final Release page:

Corresponding GitHub release tags for API are:
for the RI:
and for the TCK:

Most other artifacts like unit systems, libraries or uom-demos got corresponding tags like "Final Release" or "Final equivalent" buiding upon 1.0. All of them except demos can also be found either on MavenCentral, Bintray JCenter or both.

Proposed Final Draft

Today, the Java Community Process posted the Proposed Final Draft of JSR 363:

Corresponding GitHub release tags for API are:
for the RI:
and for the TCK:

Most other artifacts like unit systems, libraries or uom-demos got corresponding tags like "Public Final Draft" or "PFD equivalent" buiding upon the PFD stage JSR. All of them except demos can also be found either on MavenCentral, Bintray JCenter or both.